Each year thousands of motorists and big rig drivers are killed and maimed by the negligent operation of big rigs by their drivers and by trucking companies. Semi-truck drivers and the companies they work for have a duty to operate their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. Unsafe driving, oversized loads and various other treacherous practices put the public and the truck operators in danger.

California is one of the few states that impose a slower speed limit for big rigs and commercial vehicles. If the driver of a big rig truck exceeds the speed limit of 55 mph by 15 or more mph, the odds are likely that along with the citation he will be charged with a misdemeanor. Federal crash statistics have determined that 20% of big rig accidents are due to excessive speed.

Issues addressing the procedures involved in the hiring and training of drivers are starting to surface. There are certain standards and requirements that must be met before just anyone is allowed to sit behind the wheel of a big rig.

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